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µ-ziq-xtep lp (planet µ)

Price: $13.99


µ-ziq: xtep

On the gorgeous “XT,” smudged piano and Moog recall the abandon of ’70s pop melodies before the composition falls out into airy, arpeggiated funk with splashy drums. “Ritm” opens with ravey piano and whistling synths, condensing early dance music tropes into a gauzy, bittersweet haze. “Pulsar” is a perfect tribute to late-’70s cosmic space-disco, gently nudged toward more modern dancefloors with pulsing electronics racing above robust kicks and claps. After the aforementioned “Monj2” comes “New Bimple,” where woody, swinging 2-step drums and downcast piano melodies bring the EP to a conclusion on a sadder, unresolved note.

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