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wen-finesse 12 (tectonic)

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wen: finesse

Wen blends moods of early dubstep and grime with techno, effortlessly pushing into unfamiliar territory. At 128 bpm, "Backdraft" is a moody roller with a slow-mo sci-fi bass line, littered with short bursts of grime vocals and snatches of rave rewind echoes. "Finesse" moves things into a more tribal context, filling the air with charged tension before releasing a beastly sub to hammer home the point. Again, at 128bpm, Wen showcases the increasingly blurred lines between original dubstep vibes and techno tempos. "Ghost" clocks in at 160bpm, and falls somewhere between classic Photek and dubstep circa 2005, with cutting-edge production.

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