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18+ - trust cd (houndstooth)

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18+: trust

Houndstooth presents Trust, the debut album from 18+. The U.S.-based band, Boy and Sis, have operated since 2011, making use of multiple media formats -- music, performance, and visuals -- to graphically explore identity, gender, sex, and morality. The sound of 18+ has bewitched its audience: sonics which are at once overbearing and subtle; the delicate voice of Sis spitting sweet nothings over fucked-up beats and hooks that permanently hack their way into your subconscious. Their mixtapes have existed in the internet's dark underbelly, and their debut single Crow sold out of physical copies in unbelievable time. Hunted by Prada to soundtrack campaign videos, 18+ have been performing unique shows in art galleries across the globe and will be doing select shows in the final quarter of 2014. CD and vinyl editions both arrive in a bespoke PVC sleeve with spot varnish pattern. Mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy.

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