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2 am/fm-starfist lazerbeam/passion 12 (creme organization/m>o>s)

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2 am/fm: starfist lazerbeam/passion

Two aces from 2 AM/FM aka JTC & D'Marc Cantu. "Starfist Lazerbeam" is a slow, purposeful house track run through with a slithering, laser-like synth that constantly changes shape. Muffled, filtered vocals are hidden behind and the arpeggiated line eventually lets up and gets a little funky as the icy percussion ticks on. On the flip, "Passion" has raw analog drums, ticking his, and trippy melodies all dancing around each other in old school Chicago fashion. A nimble bassline also dances around the mix, bring with it lots of energy, stylish funk, and a real sense of playfulness.

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