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2amfm-2amfm album 2lp (bopside)

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2amfm: 2amfm album

After over a decade of music on pedigree labels like Spectral, Nation, M>O>S, and Creme Organization 2AMFM offer their debut LP on Bopside. Based in Ann Arbor and raised in the Detroit area, D’Marc Cantu and Tadd Mullinix are charged by a lifetime of midwestern soundwaves and the reinforcement of contemporaneous area innovators like Carlos Souffront and Traxx. Again, they join forces but with this monumental excursion into the ether of their very own techno/house universe. Sounds herein are cast from debonair techno funk, rumbling house grooves, italo acid, galactic swing - offering a diverse array that’s perfect for the album experience.

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