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michael hurley-back home with drifting woods lp (mississippi)

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michael hurley: back home with drifting woods

Unbelievably great Hurley recordings from 1964, never before heard. Recorded by Fred Ramsey as part of the same sessions that resulted in Michael's First Songs LP on Folkways. Side A starts with 'What'll You Say, What'll You Do', a pretty psychedelic classic that can very well put you into some kinda trance. After that we hear 'The Blues Comes Around' - a sad drifty little tune, then 'Little Girl On Roller Skates' with a rare Hurley harmonica solo and hallucinatory lyrics worthy of some examination and then a beautiful alternate take on one of Michael's all time greats - 'The Tea Song.' Side B starts up with yet more alternate takes of songs from the Folkways LP - this time of 'Intersolar blues' and 'I Like My Wine'. After that we get to hear two great compositions for the first time, and man oh man are they pretty - 'Hey Hey Hey Hey' and 'I Love You Babe'. Real great stuff all around that we recommend for deep into it Hurley fans and newcomers to his art alike. Michael Hurley is a great American song writer with his own unique way of seeing the world and this LP is a great testament to his vision. Faux folkways wraparound cover with liner note insert by Hurley himself. Co-release with our friends Nero's Neptune.

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