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90 process-no warehouse needed ep (lobster theremin)

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90 process: no warehouse needed

90 Process followup their rollicking Gatecrasher bothering EPs for Pushmaster Discs and 1Ø Pills Mate with a ferociously epic five track trance-techno release for the Lobster Theremin main label. The No Warehouse Needed EP picks up where previous releases left off, taking a number of 90's hard dance tropes and warping them through a very 10's production sensibility with BPM cranked to the max. Title track No Warehouse Needed is a sorely needed hardcore rave banger for 2018. Thundering breaks, lightening stabs and raging hoovers collide across a structure of whiplash 2-4 snares, heavy breaks and heaving drops. Hate In The Pants is speedy alarm call trance-techno from the Amsterdam warehouse. Grainy Youtube skinheads, pierced eye-brows, chocka toilet cubicles and Mitsubishi pingers. Strange Feeling rides in as a poignant centre piece with a sluggish jungle-DNB chug shrouded in ominous drones, dubbed-out pads and the ghost of a delay drenched rave stab buried somewhere in the deepest of mixes. Flipping over, Knowledge Wasn't My Plan is a stomping techy acid roller. Complete with whippy snares, big 909 hats & seriously heavy cymbal usage. A proper late night body convulsion inducer. Finishing off the packaging is Strictly Cut. Striking out as a lone epic, a chuntering and gazzy 90's techno drum groove gives way to an other-worldly euphoric body of strings and pads. Showering down from the sky like orange-hued rain, interspersed with shots of solo drum breaks chopped into a vital rhythmic lifeline; a moment cast into the stone of time.

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