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a garcia-26 12 (docile)

Price: $10.99


a garcia: 26

Docile Recordings is a continuing mission to capture the tone of a time and space into a vinyl record. Our method of communication blends the analog and digital worlds to form style. The Docile style is sparse, soulful,.sloppy and adolescent. Docile believes vinyl is the proper way to convey our message. Docile Recordings #26 was pressed by A. Garcia at Archer Record Press on orange, green, and brown vinyl. Docile is and remains. Docile recordings #26 can be described as a project of moving minimalism based in 4/4 logic. #26 relies on random vocal rhythm and constant percussion to guide a simple melody. This is a record of soulful knocking, blabbering be-bop and chunky crunch funk that sputters with change. Mistakes uncomplicate perfection in this drunken stumble forward.

side a1:

side a2:

side b1:

side b2:

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