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a mountain of one-ricardo villalobos reimagines: stars planets dust me 2lp (vicious charm)

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a mountain of one: ricardo villalobos reimagines stars planets dust me

A Mountain of One present a brand-new interpretation of their critically acclaimed LP Stars Planet Dust Me. Originally released in 2022 the album was heralded for its entrancing blend of slow-motion disco, soft rock, and psychedelia. One person particularly entranced was Ricardo Villalobos, who fell in love with the record and asked to remix something from the record. Something soon became everything, and led to this: Ricardo Villalobos Reimagines: Stars Planets Dust Me. The concept LP is split into two halves (day and night), commencing with three sun-drenched 'beachside' songs, and building into a second half of detail-rich 'klub' creations in distinctive style.

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