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a new line (related)-s/t 2lp (home assembly)

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a new line (related): s/t

A New Line (Related) is the latest venture from Lancashire-based Andrew Johnson (Hood/Remote Viewer/Moteer). Utilizing tools from the early days of home-produced underground dance music (such as SK5 sampler keyboards and vintage drum machines), Andrew has unearthed a beautiful album of downbeat, lamp-lit techno, industrial-grade ambience and sonic experimentation which at times recalls early Warp Records, Gescom and raw, 313 area beatdown house, as well as the more modern breed of electronic and techno travelers such as Actress, Mark Fell, and even Theo Parrish. Despite (or maybe because of) the antiquated sound sources, these tracks pull and tug at the emotions. Rattling drum machines pick out rhythms while underneath, warm, carefully-played synths and a mesh of samples slowly emerge, introducing melody and texture into the pieces, all culminating in a spacious, evocative and unhurried work. Includes a download card.

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