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a sagittariun-vanishing point 12 (hypercolour)

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a sagittariun: vanishing point

Bristol based A Sagittariun present their second release for Hypercolour. In "Vanishing Point", big pumping beats and spiraling FX fall aside to a lone breakbeat that ushers in a special breakdown section. Child-like keys and deep synth stabs draw comparisons to retro '80s vibes (think Stranger Things). "The Pathway" keeps things on an all-together straighter tip; an incessant tribal loop weaves and filters around a thunderous kick and shuffling hats, ebbing-and-flowing in A Sagittariun's most club-centric production yet. Matrixxman delivers a superb remix, pushing the original down a long dark tunnel for a growling and reverberating techno overhaul.

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