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aaron 'fit' siegel-tonite 12 (fit sound)

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aaron 'fit' siegel: tonite

ltd restock. Two previously unreleased mixes of "Tonite" by Aaron "FIT" Siegel, with vocals by L'Renee. The O.G. mix is a version Fit started working on to be a dub version of "Tonite- Original Mix", but morphed into something a bit more epic, and due to time constraints could not make it on the initial release. The D.D. version, is based on the original demo track Fit wrote before any vocals were recorded, then edited and dubbed out by Omar-S. If you liked the original release on FXHE, be sure to have this one as well and if you don't have the original release then you better get that one too!

og mix:

dd mix:

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