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accou-french fried 7 (lexi disques)

Price: $14.99


accou: french fried

Born a french, fried in Belgium, Accou recently delivered on stage ecstatic dancefloor sets for the techno enthusiast. Back to he intimacy of his studio, Antoine lets himself go to layered dreamy electronics with a warm loving feeling covered under six feet of snow. On the other side of the record, that noisy guitar sound coming straight out of the early nineties instantly catches the ear to an intense and joyful travel in time. Lexi Disques is a maverick label based in Brussels since 2008 that explores the rich possibilities of the 7-inch record single. A welcoming home for experimental and adventurous musicians of diverse backgrounds, from fresh and vibrant faces to underground heroes, dwelling between the misty fields of psych-pop to the straight (and not so straight) roads of electronics.

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