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acolytes-s/t lp (alter)

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acolytes: s/t

Acolytes is the self-titled debut album by London-based enigma D. Shan. Following up a puzzling (yet well received) 7" on The Pheromoans' label Savoury Days, Acolytes sees Shan develop his sound into areas of greater fidelity, complexity, and a unique non-linear approach to songwriting. Reference points could be drawn towards Art Bears, the Cold Storage scene, The Residents, and the Ralph Records roster, but they would all fall short because ultimately Acolytes is a highly unclassifiable record -- which in 2014 is no mean feat. Features guest appearances from D. Bolger (The Pheromoans, The Bomber Jackets) and D. Aird (Vindicatrix). Parental advisory; explicit lyrics.

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