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acteurs-s/t lp (public information)

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acteurs: s/t

This is the debut record of malformed electronic-pop and modular fury from from Chicago two-piece Acteurs. From the chest-rattling kick of the opening track to the radon hailstorm of dub-techno epic 'Freezing Fog' it's clear that the pair, Jeremy Lemos and Brian Case, know their way around a mixing desk. Acteurs: proponents of bass to make systems quiver, drums that punch the gloom, electronics to scythe and screech into darkest night - a psychedelic overload. Acteurs: purveyors of pop-not-pop; itchy Cluster tones; frazzled Factory keys; LCD oscillations; Neu-motorik thrust; Argabright playgrounds; repetition, repetition, repetition. Dream an Acteurs dream. Sodium streetlights, grey smoke. Chromium staircases and black glass buildings. Acid rains. Cyberpunk racers. Dead TV channels. Amped-out brains. Come join their future-primitive world of stark and brutal groove, metallic avant-pop, and precise mechanical funk.

Cloud Generating by Acteurs

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