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addict ameba-caosmosi lp (black sweat)

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addict ameba: caosmosi

After their debut album, the most multifaceted and unpredictable musical collective in Italy -- Addict Ameba -- come back with their sophomore album, Caosmosi. Faithful to the aim of bringing together different paths, traditions and horizons in their music, the band moves between desert-blues and Afrobeat landscapes, with Latin rock rides and Ethio-jazz parentheses. The vision of the album is further enriched by two absolutely valuable features: Joshua Idehen, Anglo-Nigerian poet and singer and pen of Sons Of Kemet and The Comet is Coming, is the author and lead voice in "Look At Us," a poem -- or perhaps it would be more correct to say a prayer; Rabii Brahim, Tunisian actor and musician, who in "Ya Bled" gives birth to a love song for his land, telling the nostalgia and disorientation of migrant, even when he returns to his homeland. To approach listening to this album, you should project that state of melancholy euphoria that you would experience when taking part in the last great party before the disappearance of the human race. Caosmosi!

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