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advisory circle/belbury poly-inversions 7 (ghost box)

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advisory circle/belbury poly: inversions

Ghost Box proudly presents the next title in the ongoing series of 7" singles called The Study Series. These feature new work from the Ghost Box artists together with collaborations and contributions from a variety of guest artists. The title of the Study Series and Julian House's luxurious packaging design are inspired by a series of BBC schools albums from the 1970s of the same name. Study Series 08: "Inversions" There are obvious similarities between Belbury Poly and The Advisory Circle with their shared love of library music, old British TV soundtracks, and a kind of folksy take on analogue electronics. It therefore seemed high time for the two artists to record each others 'music. Jon Brooks' Advisory Circle covers Wildpsot, a tune taken from the first Belbury Poly album, The Willows and Jim Jupp of Belbury Poly re-imagines a more recent Advisory Circle piece called Now Ends the Beginning. The results are bright, light and naggingly familiar: ideal material for the Study Series

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