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af ursin-murrille cd (robot)

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af ursin: murrille

A long overdue CD edition of Timo van Luijk's first full-length album, originally released in 2002 as a small private edition LP on La Scie Dorée (Belgium). Murrille features a collection of extraordinary 'songs' integrating a palette of acoustic instruments such as glass harmonium, flute, hand percussion, as well as voice with real time synthesis. With a host of bizarre inflections and aural investigations, Van Luijk's music recalls some of the great experimentation of early krautrock, otherworldly atmospheres of the infamous Futura label, and a pure love of the moments when it all just falls into place. This newly remastered edition sounds fantastic and includes an additional track not included on the original LP release. Mixed by Christoph Heemann. Packaged in a Japanese style tip-on mini jacket that carefully reproduces the original album artwork

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