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afro funk-body music cd (secret stash)

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afro funk: body music

Body Music, Afro Funk's 1975 LP was recorded and released in London, England. The band was comprised mostly of West-African expatriates residing there. At the time the city was host to a vibrant African music scene. The massive success of Osibisa created a swarm of young bands trying to use London as a launching pad for international stardom. Unfortunately Afro Funk did not find the success they were looking for and Body Music became their only album. The deep funk grooves and driving afrobeat rhythms featured on this rare LP have made it a desired addition to record collections around the world. After its small private press release in London on Kabana Records, Body Music was also released in extremely limited quantities by Kojo Asare's Chairman Records in Ghana. Despite the well crafted mix of various West-African styles and American funk, without the support of a label and no major touring it quickly faded into obscurity. Today copies rarely surface. Secret Stash is proud to present the first ever reissue of this piece of African music history.

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