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after dinner - 1982-1985 lp (soave)

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after dinner: 1982-1985

After Dinner from Japan, embraced new wave, traditional Japanese music, free contemporary and avant-garde rock. Founded by female vocalist, musician and composer Haco in 1981, After Dinner broached a very interesting collective cohesion. Their backgrounds, though however various, brought them together during times of recording and live performance. 1982-85 includes all their first production; the complete first album Glass Tube, two tracks from the first 7" single and a bonus track from a 1985 compilation on Celluloid. Includes 24-pages booklet. "A founding member of the legendary band After Dinner, Haco is one of the most versatile vocalists in the Japanese indies scene." --John Zorn "Haco is capable of gallons of tenderness and melancholy." --Kurt Gottschalk "Listening to After Dinner is like submerging yourself in water and going to sleep while playing Kate Bush on one CD player and traditional Japanese music on another." --Julian Cope "Haco has a soft, airy voice and her lyrics (sung in both English and Japanese) are inflected with an intelligent sense of whimsy as she sings of the dreamier aspects of modern life." --Brian Olewnick

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