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air kraft vision-wavy gravy ep (evasione digitale)

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air kraft vision: wavy gravy

Air Kraft Vision was a unique live act renowned during the late '90s and early '2000s for their live sets performed at the finest Tuscan clubs like Jaiss, Imperiale, Insomnia and the infamous open-air afterparty, The West. The group was composed by Francesco Passantino, Davide Cali and Roberto Bonini (Robo). The peculiarity of AKV was to replicate the spontaneity of studio live sessions in clubs, bringing almost all their machines and hardwares on stage. The same attitude was reflected in their productions: one mixer, rough analog sounds and three minds perfectly synchronized with each other. Evasione Digitale is proud to reissue "Wavy Gravity”, originally released in 2001, a totally refreshing approach to Italian progressive music.

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