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alan vega/alex chilton/ben vaughn-candyman/lover of love 7 (munster)

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alan vega/alex chilton/ben vaughn: candyman/lover of love

In December 1994, over two all-night improv sessions at New York's Dessau Studios, Suicide's Alan Vega, Big Star's Alex Chilton, and singer-songwriter Ben Vaughn joined forces without a predetermined plan. Out of those two nights came a truly mesmerizing album, Cubist Blues. Originally released in 1996, it included the tracks "Candyman" and "Lover of Love," alternate versions of which are presented here. This 7" features a radio edit of "Candyman" and a live version of "Lover of Love" from the trio's 1996 concert at Les Rencontres Trans Musicales in France, one of only two live performances the ensemble ever did.

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