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alberich/final-a second is a year cs (hospital productions)

Price: $13.99


alberich/final: a second is a year

Initially begun years ago in response to Justin Broadrick's earliest project predating Godflesh from 1983 -- in particular the two final 7"s from cult labels Fever Pitch Music and Manifold were an early influence for Alberich. Slow motion churning synths like a crack in the earth with sulfur springs steaming from the primordial broken desert floor. Part split/collaboration/remix, A Second Is A Year shows Alberich at his most restrained assembling tense emanations crushed by metal-on-metal shifting, creaking, and pressing. The utterances of vocals similar to that of a lost soul or last rights supported by the dynamic and maximum/minimal emotional hydraulics of final. High pressure keyboards, gale winds and sandy ruins effects textures. Two generations of heavy electronics see eye-to-eye for a second before the entanglement of space and time gasps a last meaningless breath. Blue jewel case edition with download code.

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