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alderaan & mental resonance-man from earth 12 (mindtrip music)

Price: $13.99


alderaan & mental resonance: man from earth

Two young Argentine techno producers, Alderaan and Mental Resonance, join forces for Man from Earth, which brims with menace and intent right from opener "Man from Earth 1," an unabated, single-minded experiment in contrasting restfulness with forcefulness. "Man from Earth 2" is a fathomless, enigmatic exploration of the trippiest of techno. Pfirter reworks "Man from Earth 3," tweaking the original (unreleased at the time of this release) with the dancefloor squarely in mind. "Man from Earth 4" is an undulating exercise in messing with the listener's mind -- unfaltering and unapologetic in its quest to pull you into its void.

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