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alex chilton-dusted in memphis (and elsewhere) 2lp (bangkok productions)

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alex chilton: dust in memphis (and elsewhere)

august 2016. First time re-issue of the legendary Alex Chilton album Dusted In Memphis, originally released in 1980. For many, this is Alex's finest. Includes a second bonus album full of unreleased material; covers, alternate versions, fantastic demos, and infamous complete KUT radio session. All culled from the period between 1975 and 1980, a troubled - but prolific and brilliant - time for Chilton. This is deconstructed rock n roll, perfect pop songs perversely pureed, punkabilly before the term was coined, chaotic, trashy, beautiful. Allegedly, the only copy of these recordings that anyone associated with was lost in the house fire that claimed Alex Chilton's mother's life. If this is true, and the masters have been lost, it is truly a great, great shame as these are possibly the best post-Big Star recordings of Alex's long solo career. This quite legendary bootleg bridges the gap between Sister Lovers (1978) and Like Flies On Sherbert (1979). It contains the Elektra demos with some songs that might be regarded amongst Big Star's finest if they would have found a proper release. This is a great shame as it is an excellent document of where Alex was at during this stage of his career (he wooed the critics during his time in NY, but not the major labels). File between: Skip Spence's Oar (1969), Panther Burns's Behind The Magnolia Curtain (1981), Neil Young's Tonight's the Night (1975) and early Cramps.

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