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alex under-olas de quila quina 12 (kompakt)

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alex under: olas de quila quina

Madrilenian producer Alex Under -- one of Spain's most sought-after electronic artists -- follows releases on such iconic imprints as Trapez, Soma, and Plus 8, with Olas de Quila Quina, his first outing for Kompakt. The title-track only needs a handful of carefully processed sounds to tell a highly evocative story -- a focused, geometrical jam that nonetheless allows for freewheeling outbursts of creativity. The same can be said for the punching, asymmetrical acid of "El Reflejo Del Lacar" and the full-bodied bass bounce of "Lolog," as both cuts juxtapose sharp-edged shards of electronic texture with chewy, melodic synths.

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