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sspb014 amplified music

Berlin-based DJ and producer Alex.Do is starting off the year 2020 for Seilscheibenpfeiler with a four track-EP called Amplified Music EP. As a constitutive member of the Dystopian crew he has actively helped forming a new kind of techno and house sound from Berlin, and his rare but recently increasing own releases (for example on Cologne's Magazine or Recondite's Plangent Records) display a stylistically very openminded and capable musician. And so does this EP, which ranges from a pair of warm and moody electro tracks on side A to mindboggling IDM on the flipside. "Maxituning" is brilliantly reverent of classic Squarepusher, Aphex, or ì-Ziq aesthetics and its enduring appeal. "Lebb251212" is a strange off-key exploration of sound, a strong counterbalance to the dancefloor focused material of the EP's first half and a manifestation of Alex.Do's many facets.

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