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alice bag-violence girl 7 (artifix)

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alice bag: violence girl

 "Five song 7" EP of songs spanning from her illustrious career in punk. Four of these tracks are appearing legitimately for the first time including the Castration Squad track which was fully endorsed by all living members. Limited to 1,000 copies on red vinyl with a painted full-color pocket sleeve." Tracklist: The Bags - 'We Will Bury You' (alternate Dangerhouse 1978 track); Castration Squad - 'Date with Jack' (live on KPFK 1980)l Stay At Home Bomb - 'Missed Your Mark' (unreleased studio demo circa early 2000s). Goddess 13 - 'Happy Accident' (unreleased studio demo circa early 1990; !Cholita! - 'Chinga Tu Madre' (unreleased studio demo circa late 1980s).

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