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allen ginsberg-reads howl & other poems lp (modern silence)

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allen ginsberg: reads howl & other poems

"This is arguably the best-known recording to feature any beat-era poet. . . . Although 'Howl' is the centerpiece, the peripheral works -- especially the mantra-like 'Footnote to Howl' and 'Howl' (Part One)' -- are given empowering presentations that magnify the greatness that's inextricably inherent in both art and artist. Indeed, the genesis of Allen Ginsberg's brilliance as both poet and performer has rarely been equalled. The modern listener remains entranced by his vaudevillian sense of provocation as it couples with an unspoken, yet palpable obsession of a postmodern amphetamine-fuelled Shakespeare" --Lindsay Planer, AllMusic. Transparent red vinyl replica of the original LP, released by Fantasy Records in 1959.

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