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alpha & omega meets jonah dan-spirit of the ancients vol 2 lp (mania dub)

Price: $26.99


alpha & omega meets jonah dan: spirit of the ancients vol 2

Music Mania and Indica Dubs present the 20th and 21st release, Spirit Of The Ancients, featuring two legends of the UK dub scene, pioneers Alpha & Omega and Jonah Dan. This album was originally released only on CD format in 2003, and now on vinyl for the first time, spread over two volumes. Both volumes bring you the vintage UK dub sound: roots, spirituality, and heavy basslines. A very distinctive and authentic, connecting like-minded people to each other. If the spirit of the ancients would make a sound, it would be bass! Also features Dennis Joseph, Paul Fox, and Shades Of Black. One-time-pressing.

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