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alps-iii lp (mexican summer)

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alps: iii

Mexican Summer presents a reissue of the out-of-print album III by The Alps. Originally released in 2008 by Type (UK), III was, in fact, The Alps' third release - the first two being CDR releases for the Root Strata and Digitalis labels - but represented the group's first proper studio recording. At turns luminous, at others cavernous, III is a beatific collision of sounds and influences that show the group, like castaways on some hazy archipelago, weaving a musical brocade that is richly evocative, deeply imagistic and from another place. III is psychedelic mind music as suited to contemplating the void as it is for dreaming up distant, otherworldly journeys. It is music with far-off places in mind, suggestive of a transnational Paul Bowles epic." Numbered edition of 1000 copies; includes download code.

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