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amps for christ-the plains of alluvial lp (water wing)

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amps for christ: the plains of alluvial

" 'The alluvial fans on the south side of the San Gabriel mountains are some of the biggest anywhere. I ended a twelve year relationship and moved into my friend's house in east Claremont only about 100 yards from the San Antonio River, on the center of that giant alluvial plain. I made instruments in a falling down garage and in the front of the house built a studio. It was the end of me in Man Is The Bastard and the birth of me returning to folk, but bringing hardcore and noise back with me. I started calling it folk-core meaning folk and hardcore mixed together and 'Musnic' meaning musical noise. I had at that studio a Hammond S-6 chord organ, pure tube electronics with no mechanical tone wheel to derive the sounds. I circuit bent it to produce the sounds of bodrahns and bagpipes, sounds I have always loved. It has 60-80 vacuum tubes in it! A small little organ designed by John Hannert for Hammond; and one was used on Magical Mystery Tour. I had been writing Amps For Christ on all the amps and oscillators I made, so it ended up being my new name. The Plains Of Alluvial felt meant to be, everything, the name, the recordings just seemed to fall in place. I took the tape to Dennis of Shrimper Records and he agreed to release it.' -Henry Barnes Now reissued for the first time ever. The Amps For Christ debut cassettes a full length LP with covers letter-pressed by Stumptown Printers. Limited to 500 copies."

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