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analog roland orchestra-home 2lp (ornaments)

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analog roland orchestra: home

Double marbled-colored vinyl version. This is the debut album by The Analog Roland Orchestra, which is a homage to his new place. He said: "I remember exactly when I started to work on this album. It was one week after moving into my current flat where I really felt good and at home. For Munich conditions, it is a quite big flat. 72 square meters shared by three people and I have my very own little studio. It's in the attic and has got a nice view over some cool rooftops with a view of the sunrise and sunset which is very nice and which I have never had before in my past flats. All of this is reflected in the album. You can hear the first summer rain from 2011 falling on my roof and there are some epic moments on it which surely was due to the nice atmosphere there. It fits perfectly to the flat and every track was written and produced in this flat in my home studio. I started to properly work with effects, especially with delays, reverbs and phasers. They create a huge impact in the opening of tracks and it sort of feels like creating a painting with different brushes and strokes."

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