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anarchist republic of bzzz-s/t lp (sub rosa)

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anarchist republic of bzzz: s/t

Anarchist Republic Of Bzzz is the exceptional and ephemeral reunion of two cult guitarists, Marc Ribot & Arto Lindsay and two inspired and engaged rappers, Sensational & Mike Ladd, with Seb el Zin at the helm. The group displays a level of urgency too rare nowadays. These five musicians break free from all the music rules and transcend all styles. This isn't free jazz per se, nor free improvisation or dub or hip-hop -- actually, the Anarchist Republic Of Bzzz's sonic manifesto is simultaneously all that. This album is released exclusively on LP, housed in a scandalous sleeve designed by Kiki Picasso, who is the founding member of Bazooka, the punk graphic design team that revolutionized the art of illustration as a whole in the late-'70s.

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