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anders ilar-elva cd (shitkatapult)

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anders ilar: elva

In 2003, Swedish producer Anders Ilar released his ambient club debut Everdom on Shitkatapult and in 2007, his dream-like album Ludwijka -- both following their own theme, atmosphere, mood. Same goes for Elva, his 11th album, containing 11 tracks, that lasts 1 hour 11 minutes and 11 seconds. He started production for the album on 11/11/11. Ilar has various talents -- he is a piano player, a huge a fan of drum computers and a technical nerd, able to drill himself towards the core. Elva moves between dark, romantic harmonies and clear sounds. Experimental grooves and romantic chords are extremes that are not opposed in Ilar's cosmos but create one big picture. Crystal-clear cymbal sounds ride on straight forward bass lines and distorted bass sounds combine with old school synth chords, sounding almost '80s. No matter if it is club hymns or complicated 6/8 waltz romances from the north or experimental tracks, this is a very adventurous album -- from the island perspective.

Anders Ilar - Elva

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