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andrew liles-the power elite cd (united dairies)

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andrew liles: the power elite

The uncompromising, eclectic and utterly unique Andrew Liles returns with The Power Elite, an unexpected foray into modernist composition. Adopting influences from the vanguard of '50s and '60s avant-garde, The Power Elite showcases Liles' talent at crafting truly original art. The conceptual nature of this release concerns itself with the impotence of the masses living in the shadow of military, economic and political institutions. The Power Elite is Liles' second release for Steven Stapleton's United Dairies label. Comes in a deluxe six panel digipack. "Exquisitely complex, peculiar and pensive themes that commiserate the perversity and sheer villainy of the 21st Century." -- The Quietus.

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