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andrew weatherall-qualia 2lp (höga nord)

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andrew weatherall: qualia

Qualia fits perfectly in to the Höga Nord Rekords catalog, which is evident from the opening track "Evidence The Enemy". This song is a monotonous yet uplifting piece of music, a case that holds for the album in full; Andrew Weatherall lets the melodies, built on a deep tradition of classical music and later developed by bands such as Kraftwerk, go in major scales, which lets fresh air in and creates a feeling of freedom. The music puts you on top of Mont Blanc and let's you overview the complete European music history. Qualia is soothing, harmonic, and transportive. Within his framework, Weatherall knocks those frames out of place from time to time. When a song goes too much in one direction, a new melody or a new instrument steps in to redirect and surprise the listener. Qualia is the perfect soundtrack to a road trip inside your own, ever-changing inner landscape.

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