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andy bell-the grounding process 10 (sonic cathedral)

Price: $23.99


andy bell: the grounding process

Clear/green splatter 10" vinyl. Stripped-down versions of tracks from Flicker. "'Something Like Love' is the most popular song from Flicker and one of the oldest, starting life in the '90s. It's probably the only one that dates back to the Ride era. The riffs for 'World Of Echo' were written while I was on tour with Oasis, at the height of my La's obsession. It went through a few iterations from then onwards, but never had a final melody until last year. 'She Calls The Tune' was the first song I wrote after I joined Oasis, 'Lifeline' was another riff I came up with while on tour with Oasis. I remember being on a UK tour with Shack, and sitting around backstage on acoustics with Mick and John Head jamming around the Simon & Garfunkel version of 'Scarborough Fair'. It was always called 'Lifeline' but I never found the right lyric for it until recently."

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