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anthroprophh-outside the circle lp (rocket recordings)

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anthroprophh: outside the circle

Anthroprophh's second album Outside the Circle is a dizzying psychic voyage that exists in, around, and at all points of the eternal amplified axe-worship continuum. From the sci-fi doom-out of the appropriately-titled "Space Box Zonk Machine" via the unnerving primitive electronica of "Gottmelt," to the early-Monster Magnet-damaged finale "See," no sacred stone is left unturned, here. Yet at all times, 'Prof''s guitar rages through the ether, all banshee howls and fiery tumult; a kaleidoscopic union between Helios Creed and The Velvet Underground of "I Heard Her Call My Name." Outside the Circle resides at a moment whereby 50 years of psychedelic culture and esoteric art messily collide and morph into an intimidating new elixir. Few freaks can remain impervious to this peerless display of frontier-destroying, mind-melting malevolence. Ladies and gentlemen, witness a new monolith. Deluxe gatefold packaging.

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