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ara-u - hiber-nation ep (no static/automatic)

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ara-u: hiber-nation

As he entered he cast his eyes around the room, taking in a mirage of flickering colours and luminous buttons. He had been travelling for what had felt like a lifetime through the dense and murky undergrowth in search of the mysterious cavern. Now as he sat perched upon the rubble he truly knew his purpose. The walls were paved with silver and gold. The cave dimly illuminated by a thin hazy light - this would be his guide through the small hours to follow. Smoke billowed in the corner of the room, casting off a haze which was sweet and sticky to the senses. One by one he flicked each switch, a throbbing current pulsed beneath the dense rocky structure as the frame of the cave echoed and rumbled into life. The walls began to shake beneath the strain of the sound, the noise echoing between wires, between tunnels and into the very core of the cave as the pressure increased. He was now one with the space and sound - connected by the very DNA of such a wild and wondrous place. In the morning, as the sun rose in the distance, he would unearth himself. He’d return to reality and much as it pained him he would vanish. The noise of the night, the sound of the cave still playing in his mind. Hiber-nation EP was Recorded at Siesta Delfauno, Buenos Aires, Argentina in December 2019. A place steeped in history and that has seen artists like Carl Craig , DJ Hell and Rob Acid grace its halls. Ara-u worked alongside engineer and member of Argentinian electronic band Klauss Pablo Gil, while getting lost in red wine and deep into the jam amongst a mix of analogue machines. Ara-u edited the resulting takes and put together the EP : Hyber-nation.

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