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arnold dreyblatt-nodal excitation lp (drag city)

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arnold dreyblatt: nodal excitation

By the late 80s, the NYC minimal/noise underground landscape created by Branca, Conrad, Riley, Young, Cale, Ranaldo, Moore, Chatham, Fripp & others had been nearly forgotten, especially that of Arnold Dreyblatt & his lone LP release "Nodal Excitation". He got interested in long string sounds, & bought a bass that he wired w/ piano wire. By hitting the strings instead of bowing them, Dreyblatt was able to get those ringing overtones, but he also had added something new: pure rhythm. Dreyblatt couldn't get the rock singles he'd grown up with out of him, & couldn't become the full on new music man that seemed to be a requirement in the 70s, & it wasn't until the 80s that the fence could be straddled, if not knocked over, w/ his freshman LP.

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