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aroma pitch-vertical garden ep (aroma pitch)

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aroma pitch: vertical garden

'Flimmer Jam‘ is the first encounter after entering the ‚Vertical Garden‘ cultivated by Aroma Pitch. It welcomes you with fluid synthesizer percussion, some subtle drums and deep bass. With all its emerging and vanishing elements you can grasp the quirky and vivid atmosphere of this EP. Next up is the stomping and demanding ‚Tiergarten III‘. While the percussion with the snatching clap dominate the straight forward direction of this track, the morphing synthesizer modulation tell you a total different story. ‚Mandarine Dream‘ is a spectrum full of space expanding frequencies lead by charming drums and percussion. Slowly slowly this track drags you down to its exotic and fruity inner core. All wrapped up with sweet pads. After an observing examination it is still unclear what ‚DTDMB‘ stands for. Is it a biochemical reaction or a mutating energy field? A plant or more vital residents in the garden? It will remain to be a secret. However it is clear that it contains razor sharp percussion with whispering effects on top and a quirky baseline that will make you boogie to the left and right. This EP is full of optimistic and engaging gestures for the modern dance floor. With the ‚Vertical Garden‘ and their mindful craftsmanship Aroma Pitch grew organically to the next level.

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