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art of the memory palace-dusk at trellick tower lp (static caravan)

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art of the memory palace: dusk at trellick tower

With Dusk at Trellick Tower, the duo Art Of The Memory Palace accelerate their trajectory since 2015's incendiary debut, This Life Is But A Passing Dream. Upon its release the latter was called "Fresh and euphoric... an incredible debut" by The Quietus and "fantastically addictive" by The Sunday Herald, while Shindig! Magazine called it "a spine-chillingly satisfying journey into kraut-influenced electronica." In the years since, AOTMP have released a split 7" with esteemed Welsh psych label Fruits de Mer Records, a long sold-out spoken-word collaboration with acclaimed Scottish author James Robertson, and a limited-edition cassette-only French Noir soundtrack album on Horror Pop Records. Raz Ullah (synths, tape loops) has become an intrinsic part of Jane Weaver's touring band, while Andrew Mitchell (vocals, synths, guitar, bass, drums) has released two albums under his Andrew Wasylyk moniker. Dusk at Trellick Tower is inspired by Hungarian Brutalist architect Erno Goldfinger -- Ullah and Mitchell channel the darkness and dystopia which grew from much of Erno's work, building synth-heavy sonic edifices evoking lonely night time walks along empty echoing corridors, urban decay and towering, impassive concrete monoliths. Using analog synthesizers, drums, bass, and tape loops processed through long chains of effects pedals, Art Of The Memory Palace strive for greater depths with this release, weaving menacing hooks and icy vocals together with droning chords and ambient soundscapes and creating their own shade of dark, beautiful melodies in the process. Edition of 300.

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