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asian psilocybe foundation/dj yogurt & moja-daikaku 12 (mental groove)

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asian psilocybe foundation/dj yogurt & moja: daikaku

Mental Groove present the follow-up to 2016's Water Vein EP by Asian Psilocybe Foundation and DJ Yogurt, Daikaku, a Buddhist term for one who has achieved enlightenment. This second installment smiles on Geinoh Yamashirogumi's soundtrack for Akira (1988). APF is an eccentric Japanese musician. On the A side he achieves in capturing Akira's spirit with his own organic and floating sound signature within a long, delicate, and trippy techno number. On the flipside, DJ Yogurt and Moja deliver two straight percussive numbers, fueled with traditional Japanese flavor, taking floors to a Tetsuo (1989) state-of-mind.

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