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asian women on the telephone-you have reached your destination lp (feeding tube)

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asian women on the telephone: you have reached your destination

"Feeding Tube's second LP by Moscow's AWOTT is another wonderfully perplexing roll in mounds of candy straw. As with their first FT LP, Ivan, there are many sounds here to put one in mind of early '80s experimental 'rock' bands from the German scene. No one would be shocked to learn this was a lost Zickzack or Pure Freude release. But it ain't. AWOTT are near the vanguard of some very happening sounds emanating from the Russian sub-underground. Random sonic factors this time include blaring Contortions-oid sax/bass skronk-lock, unexpected blurts of glitch, air raid panic, Japanese thump-mannerisms, and lots of other glub, all placed amidst a frame that is decisively Eastern Bloc. It makes for a splendid roil. For your additional pleasure, the album is packed in an eye-easy cover that reminds us of the photo on the back of Hot Poop's Does Their Own Stuff!, but without the irksome gender reassignments. Still hoping AWOTT can get over here to play some day. We hear their live shows are ecstatic explosions of Dada-shingles (and YouTube vids seem to bear this out), so start yr petition today. And no one asked, but we thought we might point out the band's name is taken from a Sun City Girls track released on the ass-wide Box of Chameleons set Abduction did back in the last century. As The Residents once said, 'Ignorance of your culture is not considered cool'" --Byron Coley, 2015. Edition of 350.

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