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atom tm-hd cd (raster-noton)

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atom tm: hd

HD can be described as Atom TM's electronic quintessence: a blend of pop, electronic abstraction, and powerful grooves -- an invention Atom TM stands for and which was popularized through previous releases. Here is what the artist says: "HD is a spiritual work, HD is a musical work, HD is a scientific work The first recordings for HD were made in 2005. Back then the album still carried another title which was Hard Disc Rock. The initial selection of songs for Hard Disc Rock was of course a very different one, and while the years passed by most of those songs which did not continue to please, were one by one replaced by newer compositions. In fact the track 'Stop (Imperialist Pop),' which entered the album around 2009, does contain a fragment of an Atom TM track from 1998 called 'Hard Disc Rock (Don't Stop).' All of the 'early' tracks for the later re-entitled HD album necessarily were subject to profound changes in music and words, and I can say that by the time around 2012 Hard Disc Rock had completely transformed into something else, which is pretty much what you got laying in front of you right now." HD contains a couple of contributions by friends and colleagues such as Jamie Lidell (main vocals on 'I Love U'), Alva Noto (additional programmings on 'Ich bin meine Maschine'), Marc Behrens (additional programmings on 'Strom' and 'My Generation'), Jean-Charles Vandermynsbrugge (main vocals on 'Pop HD'). Dominique Depret (guitars) and Chilean pop star Jorge Gonzalez (backing vocals, guitar and bass raw material) -- a diverse selection of guest musicians which very much reflects the general spirit of HD.

atom TM. HD. r-n147. strom

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