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autechre/powell/dj stingray-remix russell haswell 12 (diagonal)

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autechre/powell/dj stingray: remix russell haswell

diagonal presents remixes of tracks from Russell Haswell's dancefloor-generous 2015 album As Sure as Night Follows Day. Autechre's "Conformity Version" of "Heavy Handed Sunset" effectively dubs Haswell into submission. Not to be outshone, Powell pays dues to his mentor with a cork-popping "Cov Megamix" ov "Hardwax Flashback" littered with samples of Russell doing Russell for RBMA, making for his most DJ-tempered tools to date, while DJ Stingray delivers hollow-skulled clank with the darkside descent of his grimacing "Atropine Mix" of "Gas Attack."

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