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awanto 3-opel mantra cd (rush hour)

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awanto 3: opel mantra

Under his Awanto 3 guise, Steven van Hulle has long been considered a producer with immense potential. Now he's finally delivered on that promise with Opel Mantra, his stunning debut album. Opel Mantra twists house music into intoxicating new shapes, fusing a myriad of global influences into one thrilling, surprising whole. This is clandestine, atmospheric deep house as you've never heard it before. And boy, does it sound good. Anyone with a keen interest in the Amsterdam electronic music scene will be familiar with van Hulle's work. He's already released a number of acclaimed solo singles on Rush Hour (his loose-limbed, decidedly cosmic debut, For Five, appeared in 2010), alongside highly-regarded collaborations with fellow Dutch producers Tom Trago (under the Alfabet alias), Young Marco and San Proper. To date, though, his output has been limited to a handful of inspired productions. Having had a glimpse of his talent, Opel Mantra proves his credentials once and for all. This CD offers more than enough proof. Bristling with humid atmospheres, voodoo rhythms and tropical grooves, it fuses heavy African and South American influences with contemporary deep house sounds and grooves.

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