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axemen-derry legend cd (luxury products)

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axemen: derry legend

"Long overdue re-issue of this cracked pop classic and Flying Nun rarity, Derry Legend was one of Kurt Cobain's top NZ platters and a staple of his mix-tapes. RIYL: Chuck Berry, The Clean, Nirvana." "The music is like childhood memories of the first time you ever heard rock 'n roll; the first time you ever heard slushy-pop; the first time you ever heard rap (!). Listen to 'He's Leaving Home' and wonder what George Benson LP the band sat around and assimilated; hear 'The Wharf With No Name' and wonder why the Beatles never thought of it first; hop on one leg to 'That's Finland, Dear' and understand why Acid House was just a nine-day wonder while Chuck Berry's rhythms still cascade like thunder." -- Bevandra's Ears

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