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azymuth-demos 1973-75 7 (far out)

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azymuth: demos 1973-75

rsd 2019. Far Out Recordings present two previously unreleased and unheard recordings from the formative years of Brazil's iconic jazz-funk titans. Recorded between 1973-75 at the keyboard maestro José Roberto Bertrami's home studio in Rio, the tracks are a mesmerizing document of the futuristic sound Azymuth were developing before releasing their cult favorite, self-titled debut with Som Livre. "Castelo (Version 1)" captures Azymuth's alien space-funk sound in its rawest, most progressive form. "Juntos Mais Uma Vez" is an enormous instrumental soul ballad, which ebbs and flows with heart-wrenching Hammond organ melodies punctuated by the low-slung, deep groove of Brazil's most beloved rhythm section.

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